Force India F1 Team launch 2008 Car

Force India F1 - VJM01 - Image Courtesy Gulf Daily News

Force India launched their 2008 Formula One car on Thursday and co-owner Vijay Mallya was confident it would mark the start of better performances.

The Ferrari-powered VJM01, unveiled in front of a large crowd against the backdrop of the Gateway of India, is the same basic chassis as used by the team’s predecessor Spyker last year but there are changes to the aerodynamic package.

Force India, in their new livery of gold, tungsten and white, are looking to improve their performance
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The new livery is somewhat different from the one that was used in testing. The older one was White + Burgundy colored whereas the latest one is White + Gold (a li’l Tungsten as well!). Another change I could notice immediately was that the Etihad logo was missing and in its place was the logo of ICICI Bank. The car’s name is VJM01 and methinks it stands for ViJay Mallya :mrgreen:

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3 thoughts on “Force India F1 Team launch 2008 Car

  1. Self-obsessed dick head he be.

    How do you think it will fare in the F1 circuit this time?

  2. Styleish he be!

    Difficult to predict the position…I guess they’ll be top of the bottom 😐

  3. I just wish one thing. That Mr. Malya doesn’t take things lightly. A LOT of F1 teams have gone kaput no matter how big your budget is. Even a big budget doesn’t guarantee success as in Toyota’s case. So proper engineerings are needed here and I hope he gets the right ones. And good luck to the team.

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