Shilpa Shetty in Quantum of Solace?

Via Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog

The rumor mills have started spinning again! Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is now said to be “officially” cast in the next James Bond Movie – Quantum of Solace. MI6 reports how Shetty’s name has been added to the cast of QoS on its IMDb page.

Notice how D unravels the rumor building by pointing out the fact that IMDb pages can be edited by registered users so the mere fact that her name’s on the page doesn’t make it “official”! Also notice the “rumored” nomenclature beside her name.

See what people with hyperactive imagination can do! Maybe its Shetty’s legion of fans at work, trying to project her as the first Indian Bond Girl :mrgreen:

10 thoughts on “Shilpa Shetty in Quantum of Solace?

  1. that’s implausible because i don’t think shilpa would risk losing the virginity she so carefully revived through Big Brother!

  2. Aniche, you mean she’s still a virgin? Akki left her without doing anything? 😉

  3. With Olga and Gemma around, what chance would Shilpa have 😛

    @Liju: Can he? 😛

  4. Chittaranjan, you are casting doubts on the Punjab da puttar’s manhood. Mind it 😉

  5. Well, he did settle for Twinkle, didn’t he! Ravs & Shilps were wayy hawt!

  6. As mentioned above, her name is in IMDBs casting page its just a fake. Earlier there was a rumor about Aishwariya to be cast as Bond girl, finally it became a rubbish story. Just like this now is Shilpa’s turn to be so. I hardly believe anything about Just Bond until it finally releases.

  7. I hope she doesn’t spoil the fun and stays away from the movie. Al Pacino bhi hai karte…shd be awesome fun.

  8. Al Pacino in QoS? Thats the first time I’m hearing it 😐

    P.S: They’ve removed Shilpa’s name from the IMDb page 😛

  9. Hmmm…interesting! A li’l more digging led to this which sez that he will have a small cameo…nothing major!

    Guess time will tell….

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