Amazing Race Asia 2 – The Final Episode

To paraphrase host Allan Wu’s words: “After 10 Countries, 15 cities, 51,000 miles and 13 legs”, it has finally ended! I’m talking about the Amazing Race Asia whose second edition culminated in a fitting finale today. The last three teams left standing in the 13th and final leg were Marc & Rovilson, Adrian & Collin and Pamela & Vanessa. The final leg started in South Africa, and the three teams made their way through an historic museum, round about the Cape of Good Hope, kicked some football, and after a detour later, found to their delight that they’re going to proceed to Singapore for the final leg.

Amazing Race Asia 2

Marc & Rovilson were leading but a mistake saw them fall into second place behind Colin & Adrian. Pamela and Vanessa were behind throughout but were slowly closing on the leaders. The time gap was covered up when all three teams reached Singapore aboard the same flight. But whilst Marc & Rovilson and Adrian & Colin managed to get taxis quickly, the girls were not so lucky and again fell behind. But Colin & Adrian made the mistake of letting their taxi go at the clue box near Raffles statue and hence fell behind into third place. A final roadblock awaited the teams at the Sentosa Island wherein they had to arrange the flags of the 10 countries that they had travelled through, in the correct chronological order. Rovilson took to the task first and Pamela was a little behind. Despite their best efforts – and to the chagrin of their teammates – they couldn’t get the sequence correct. Adrian & Collin caught up with them and even managed to finish the roadblock quickly! They made their way to the final pitstop with the girls in hot pursuit. But their dogged determination and the headstart meant that Adrian & Collin were crowned winners of the Amazing Race Asia 2!!! Pamela & Vanessa came 2nd whilst Marc & Rovilson ended up 3rd.

Thus ended the 2nd season of the Amazing Race Asia 2. Though I’m a big fan of the series and diligently watched most episodes of the original avatar and also its Asian spin-off, this time around I could manage to catch up only the starting few episodes and the final four. The Asian one is at a much more convenient airing time of 10 PM on Thursdays (as compared to the Monday, 9 PM slot for the original one). Anyways, congratulations to Adrian and Collin, the winners of the Amazing Race Asia 2 and “well played” to all the participants…

esp. Pamela and Vanessa wub

3 thoughts on “Amazing Race Asia 2 – The Final Episode

  1. Who cares about that nonsense. You know what I want NAHH!!!! Ni dat to me

  2. The Amazing Race Asia episode was great but I mis the last episode which is the final episode that is why I am begging to the host which is Allan Wu to give me a full copy or a link to download the last episode of the Amazing Race Asia. Again I am begging to the host which is Allan Wu to give me this favor. pls pls pls. I know that the filipino team was lost and I feel lost if I cannot see the final league. Please Mr. Allan Wu just give me this favor and I thank you for that.

    Sincerely yours,

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