Disney Noodles? No Thanks! I’d rather stay hungry…

While loitering about in Food Bazaar, I spotted a pack of Disney’s Noodles. I was surprised to see them and was wondering why on earth has Walt Disney entered into the business of instant-food! Close scrutiny revealed that these noodles are in fact manufactured/marketed by the Future Group (who own the Central, Big Bazaar and Pantaloon stores) itself, under their brand of Food Bazaar. Then I wondered whether they have pilfered the Disney logo and images of Mickey & Minnie Mouse…but nope, they have licensed them from Walt Disney (as the markings on the packaging indicates).

Disney Noodles

But sadly, the taste of the Disney’s noodles is nowhere near that of the king of instant noodles – Maggi – the 2-minute noodles. Not only is the texture of the raw noodles too thin but also the masala/seasoning they provide is bland and pathetic *ugh*. Cooking time is no way near the 2-minute mark and the finished product doesn’t even smell aromatic! Its a waste of 24 bucks, that’s what it is! It’ll be a pity if kids start to detest Mickey and gang just because they may remind them of the tasteless noodles 👿

And why am I writing all of this here? I just had to get it out of my system. None of my friends or colleagues had heard of them before and all of my rant was Greek n’ Latin to them!

2 thoughts on “Disney Noodles? No Thanks! I’d rather stay hungry…

  1. First of all, today’s kids don’t have the fondness for Mickey Mouse the way the older generation (mine) had. So, if they hate this noodles for its bland taste, their bad memory will be short-lived. It won’t really have much effect on their impression on Mickey Mouse.

    24 rupees is ridiculous for a pack of noodles. Even here, a packet of BLAND noodles costs between 25 and 33 cents. Maggi noodles (from the Indian stores) costs a little more at 50 cents a packet.

    Moral: Stick to the age-old Maggi noodles. Its unbeatable! 😀

  2. I agree. Its all Pikachu/Pokemon/Dragonball Z yadda yadda nonsense for today’s Kids 😐

    And yeah, Maggi rulezzz….all of my colleagues n’ friends who go to the US for a short stay, stock up on Maggi.

    P.S: Its 24 bucks for 2 packs.

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