Awards Nite – Filmfare & Oscars

Sigh! Gone are the days when one used to eagerly fill-in the contest forms which used to appear in the Dec/Jan edition of the magazine for the Filmfare Awards. Gone are the days when on some lazy Saturday/Sunday evenings, we used to watch the telecast of the award show (back then, that was the only important award show, y’know!). Gone also are the days when one used to wake up at an insane hour in the morning to catch the red carpet show followed by the Oscar Awards.

Now all we’ve gotta do is read the scrolling news items of the winners & losers that flash across on every news channel! and probably read a detailed news item the next day on the web. Anyways, here they are, the winners:

3 thoughts on “Awards Nite – Filmfare & Oscars

  1. You need to lobby to win an Oscar. To win a Filmfare award, you need to suck up to the Chopras or Johars.

    Who cares who wins. Both the awards have lost their credibility.

  2. The Oscars are more ‘genuine’ than the Filmfares…..the latter are all glitz nowadays and no sense of ‘justice’. Of course, there will always be people who say that he/she/them did not deserve it but I don’t think the same is the case with Oscars.

    In this year’s winners list, none were well-known Hollywood personalities.

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