Gazab Ki Shaam Hai Yaara….Aaj Tu Jashn Mana Le

I’m sure many of you must have seen this new ad for Coca Cola, featuring Hrithik Roshan – where some revelers come into a food alley expecting some grub late in the night, but instead find to their chagrin that everything’s closed. Apna Hrithik just smiles wryly and opens up a Coke….and the place becomes all alive and happening again! The ad has a very catchy song in the background… fact I liked it so much that I recorded the same on my cellphone and have been using that as my ringtone 🙂

The song goes Ghazab ki shaam hai yaara….and goes onto say how time waits for no one….here are the lyrics of the song:

Gazab ki shaam hai yaara,
Mile hain hum matwaale,
Waqt na yeh rukta hai,
Aaj tu jashn mana le….
Oh oo oo….Jashn mana le…
Aah aa aa..Jashn mana le…
Waqt yeh na rukta hai….
Aaj tu Jashn mana le…

Waqt na yeh rukta hai…
Aaj tu Jashn mana le.

Listen to the Song:

P.S: Anyone knows who might have sung the song? Sounds quite groovy…

60 thoughts on “Gazab Ki Shaam Hai Yaara….Aaj Tu Jashn Mana Le

  1. osam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wer can i get dis song plzz tell me, and i need it ? plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllease tell me from where i can get it?

  2. hay if any get this jingle pls send the link to me.

  3. Awesome,
    Please send this song to above email address.

  4. its indeed an amazing song……



  7. Would love to have this song, i’ve been searching for it on internet for so long now. I wish there were a video too. Coca Cola company would be wise to release a full 5 minute video of this song on you-tube. Would do them good publicity.

  8. @Ankit: There are a few YT videos. Usually the Ad agency that did the campaign releases a video on their website. Dunno if this one has the official video.

    P.S: U can listen to the song from my post 🙂

  9. When I say I would love to have this song, I mean in mp3 downloadable format. 🙂

  10. Also, I could not fine the video on you tube! 😦

  11. @Ankur: If you think a li’l harder, you can know how to get the mp3 version from the above post itself :mrgreen:

  12. I don’t need to think, the quality sucks!

  13. Fine. You can wait for a better quality mp3 to be put up by somebody else 😛

  14. music is by ram sampat…sung by mandeep singh and kirti sagathia.

  15. its awesome tooo toooo good i want dis song plz send to the above address plz its mind blowin !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Please Send me this songs is very very very urgent

    Gazab ki shaam hai yaara,
    Mile hain hum matwaale,

    ashish kumar

  17. hey
    I want this song aaj tu jashna manale plz send it to me

  18. L like this song pls send me..

  19. How to dawoanload this song

  20. This is osam song pls send rght now on my id

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