That’s me! My roommate of ~1 year departed for greener pastures today (am getting a déjà vu from more than a year ago!) leaving behind an un-fillable void – as yet! Sure it was known before-hand and I was all settled and prepared..but I guess one never grasps the true meaning of the moment until it arrives. One can plan well ahead and be prepared and all that…but when that moment arrives, its a whole new thing! Maybe it will take some days for all of it to sink in…as of now, I’m drowning my solitude in the soulful melodies of yesteryear.

Now playing on Winamp: Neela Aasmaan – Silsila
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3 thoughts on “Loner…

  1. arre. koi baat nahi. look at the brighter side…you can get your gir friend to live with you now. 🙂

  2. Err….sorry yaar…I don’t have any gir (or even yak!) friends!!!

    Now assuming that was supposed to be ‘girl’: Yeah, Right! Tell her that I’m “Single, Ready to Mingle” when you see her 😛

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