[Rumour] Adlabs Hyderabad to open with Jalsa?

Many Hyderabadis would have seen the Adlabs hoardings and posters at the GS 24 Carat Building in Ameerpet (erstwhile Gold Spot building, now Big Bazaar). Having not gotten the required clearance to open up to the public yet (PVR itself has only 3 screens open to public!), the Adlabs Multiplex remained yet another pipe dream for the moviegoers in Hyderabad. But now, speculation is rife that the multiplex may open to the public with the release of Pawan Kalyan starrer Jalsa.

I was at big bazaar earlier today and there was considerable talk going around that the multiplex would be opened on the 2nd of April. Indeed, I did hear few people asking the lift-man and the guards about whether the news was true or not! The staff though, did claim they had no idea about it. And I kinda think that this was all idle-talk. Adlabs is one of the biggest media-houses in the country today and I’m sure they wouldn’t open up their multiplex without adequate publicity and hype. There would have to be posters over the city, advertisements in local media, announcements over the FM channels and all that hoopla and as long as there is nothing of that sort, we can rest assured that there still is some time for the grand opening!!! Peace.

2 thoughts on “[Rumour] Adlabs Hyderabad to open with Jalsa?

  1. adlabs opened in hyderabad on May 22, 2008 and open for public from May 23, 2008.

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