MS Virtual TechDays – I C 2 Is

Microsoft Virtual TechDays is an online event/seminar scheduled to be held on the WWW on the 9th and 10th of April by Microsoft India “to give further insight into Microsoft’s newest technologies”. And those “newest technologies” are MS Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 & Visual Studio 2008. Am no geek or MS follower but I just happened to stumble onto the site from some ad (on Yahoo!, no less!) and surfed through it just to know what its all about. Maybe its something on the same lines as Sun Tech Days.

Am not saying that I’ve got a keen sense of observation or that I’m very nitpicky or I find fault in everything I see (well, that’s my profession you see 😎 ) but I noticed a small anomaly in this following paragraph on the Microsoft Virtual TechDays Website:

To join the session, you are required to have Microsoft Ofiice Live Meeting 2007 client installed on your machine. 

Notice the anomaly? The neat li’l typo? No? Well, then I must say that you’ve to be a little more observant! Lemme spill the suspense for you……Note the spelling of Office. 😀

Do I hear you screaming? Or muttering an oath under your breath? Hurling a wtf! @ me? I just pointed out a small typo yaar. Coming from someone like MS, its not like a colossal sin but kya karein I tend to notice (and show others) such things! Call it finicky or whatever (I can already hear Lazybug muttering kyaa toh bhi!).

Anyways, coming back to the event, as I said earlier, I’m neither an MS enthusiast nor have a necessity to ‘know more’ about these technologies but do you think that one ought to? How important would they be going forward?

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