New Abode

After several days of dilly-dallying and dithering, I finally moved into a new abode yesterday. And by new abode, I mean yet another rented apartment! The dough hasn’t piled up enough to afford an own house at this point!

The new one’s quite close to my earlier place of residence – in fact is situated just behind the old one. So in terms of surroundings, am still in familiar territory. Which is a bit of a relief as well as a bit of a disappointment really. Why? Coz familiarity breeds contempt. With a new locality, new friends might have been made, new acquaintances being scrapped, new service-providers being tried out etc etc. [Err…the services should be read as ‘cable’ and ‘internet’ alone and not anything else 👿 ] But with the same ol’ place, such things are just not possible. Its like old wine, in a newer bottle. Bring it onnn………

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