The Pug is Back…

Everyday I want to fly, stay by my side
Everyday I want to dream, stay by my side
Every morning I wish I could just play
Wish the mornings would just stay…..

In case you’re wondering who I’m talking about or which song is the one up above – Itz the Vodafone Pug :mrgreen:

Hutch Pug Vodafone Pug

The lovable Pug is back again on TV in a new series of commercials for Vodafone and this time around, he’s company to a young girl. With the tagline of “Happy to Help” the ads show how the pug helps out the girl in time of need, be it fetching her sock/tie or fetching a fishing aid/first-aid kit [My personal favourite is the stamp-licking bit]. The ads symbolize the customer-friendly spirit of the brand and they do so with zero dialogues! As it is itz Visually appealing, but its the pug that makes it all the more wonderful!

The lyrics above are from the song that plays in the background of that song. A Google search reveals little though about the artiste or the band but methinks its a new recording made for the purpose of the Ads. Itz available on the Vodafone microsite as well as for usage as Callertune on its network. Listen to it below:

The ads (both the newer and older ones) are available on the Vodafone microsite for download; plus there are wallpapers, screensavers, music clips and e-cards also.

30 thoughts on “The Pug is Back…

  1. hey all,

    some answers you’ve been looking for. The song is composed by a music director called Anandh specifically for Vodafone. The singer is a guy called Suraj. The ad was conceived by the agency thats built the Hutc/Vodafone brand in India – Ogilvy advertising. The film producer is Nirvana Films and this agency-producer-singer combination was also responsible for the original pug ads.

  2. @Julie: Wow! They must really be a handful…u got any pix of them?

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  4. the pug is back and how!!! cutest ad , dnt knw by what percent vodafone sales have gone up but ppl are def buying pugs over labs and golden rets …

  5. i actually have 19 pugs cause they bred.

  6. yo quiero un cachorrito pug con muy buen pedigreee calidad show !!!

  7. I love the ads… I have 2 pugs and it is nice to see them (pugs) on ads. Good Job!

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