UCL Semi-Final II 1st Leg- Barcelona Vs. Manchester United (0-0)

1 Minute 46 Seconds (Approx)

Manchester United were awarded a penalty as early as then in their UCL Semi-Final 1st leg match away at Barcelona. Milito had handled the ball in the area and the referee pointed to the spot. Man U’s top-scorer of the season – Christiano Ronaldo stepped up, took it coolly, and sidled his shot wide of the upright!!!

United will rue that miss as a further 90 minutes of play did not see any goal being scored by either side. After all the hype and hoopla that this match had generated, it rather tamely ended in a 0-0 draw. Barca enjoyed as much as 65% of possession but could create very few chances and those that were created, couldn’t be converted! Man U had fewer chances but they were moreso holding off Barca rather than attacking. Lionel Messi was in the thick of things for most part of the game but goals were at a paucity at the Camp Nou. He was replaced by Thierry Henry late into the second half who almost immediately leashed a thunderous drive towards the United goal but Van Der Sar managed to parry away the shot. United made a few telling darts into the Barca half but their finishing was poor. Ronaldo was more intent on diving and crashing around in the hope of a free kick/spot kick rather than look for scoring opportunities.

At the end, methinks Man U will be more happy with the scoreline than Barca, given that the second leg is at Old Trafford. Hope that match atleast sees some goals – all from Man U 😛

P.S: Ten Sports’ commentary sucks (again)!!! 👿

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