Cat’s Outta the Bag

1 Crore Tie I wonder why no one has said anything till now! Up until Amit Varma (he of the India Uncut fame/notoriety) posted this, my Orkut profile pic was safely masquerading as…err….ahemmm….my own 😳

I had put that up eons ago…even before Orkut was as happening as it is nowadays but no one remarked about that all this while. There’s an Hindu Business Line article on the web that puts the pic’s date as Jan 2004! And now that a more popular blogger has published the same pic (which, incidentally was shown on Rediff as some slideshow), I am being hounded as if I’m a plagiarist! Not Fair!!!

P.S: Is it correct to call the tie the ‘WTF tie of the year’ even though it belongs to a bygone era?

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