TGI Friday’s opening in Hyderabad

TGI Friday’s, the not-as-popular-as-its-competitors-McDonald’s-or-KFC American Restaurant chain is opening its newest branch at Hyderabad. I had noticed its “Coming Soon” banner at the under-construction Mall opposite L V Prasad Eye Institute on the Banjara Hills Rd #2 (the same mall which is to house the Cinemax Multiplex)

TGI Friday's - Now In Hyderabad

My knowledge of TGI Friday’s is limited to its nomenclature expansion – Thank Goodness Its Friday. Apart from that, I just know that it had been operating in Delhi for quite a long time now and also had branches in Bangalore & Noida. Have no idea on what kind of food it serves or what its signature line is or what the prices are going to be! Of course, one can visit its website to know all of that…and maybe more! I just know that the junk-food-eaters n’ multiplex-movie-watchers will soon have a new place to ‘hang out‘. When? Let’s say in about 3 months time. Of course, the mere fact that its just a kilometre away from moi workplace doesn’t mean you’ll catch me there :mrgreen:

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