Citibank & Delhi Metro Ad [Familiar Face]

I’m sure many of you would have seen the new advertisement from Citibank for its co-branded credit card in partnership with the Delhi Metro. The ad is getting popular by the day and most of it is due to the catchy jingle and the sorta-cute storyline. Though the ‘swaying-people’ conveys a pretty bad picture of the Delhi Metro – that it is wobbly and motion-sickness-inducing as opposed to its swanky and state-of-the-art image – the co-branded nature of the campaign is brought out very well. The tagline – No panga. Sab Changa – is also kinda zany!

But the main intention of this post is not about the jingle or the storyline but about one of the character in the ad. The guy who hands over the credit card at the head of the queue and who is shown at the fag end within the metro train swaying to and fro, reminds me of a certain Ankit from MTV Roadies Season 4. See the pic here and tell me they aren’t one and the same:

Citibank Delhi Metro Ad Character - Ankit

I’ve captured the pic on the left from the ad and the pic on the right is courtesy Now I may be wrong but somehow can’t shake off that uncanny feeling that they’re the same guy. I guess there is no sure-fire way to know. Unless of course, the ad-makers owe it up themselves šŸ˜› . See the ad after the jump and decide for yourself. And puhleeze….don’t ask me who the singer of the jingle is! (Its Ram Sampath acc. to info on the web)

2 thoughts on “Citibank & Delhi Metro Ad [Familiar Face]

  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. i agree…the story could have been better if they had removed the swaying people… gives a bad image to metro.

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