Now Listening: Love Story 2050 OST

The First thing that struck me as I listened through the Anu Malik composed soundtrack of Love Story 2050 was the alarming recurrence of the music bit that is inspired from Robbie Williams’ Millennium – which in turn was heavily borrowed from Nancy Sinatra’s theme for the James Bond movie You Live Only Twice. (Listen to the Millennium track here and You Live Only Twice theme here). The lilting tune recurs in three of the seven songs of LS 2050!

Love Story 2050 The album opens with Aa gaya hoon mein, apparently a stage song portraying the arrival debutante Harman Baweja into the movie. Vocals don’t quite sound like KK’s though its credited to him. IMO, its too slow to be a rocking stage number! Jaane kaisi hai teri meri yeh love story is supposedly the title track which appears in a sad and a happy version. It starts off with some soft tunes and whistles and progresses rather sweetly into a dreamland-like sequence – with the Millennium music bit making its appearance quite regularly. The sad versions is again by Shaan and this time the Millennium music bit is a soft lilting violin tune. Its a more vocal-oriented track with accompanying violin n’ piano bits & a soft background chorus. Meelon ka tha faasla starts off with the Millennium music bit and even has some strains of jaane kaisi hai imbibed in it. A duet sung by KK and Alka Yagnik, it charts the lovers’ journey across time, so as to say. There’s a haunting female vocal in the background that is quite prominent and I find myself humming that quite often! This one also has a sad version which starts off exactly in the same fashion as the happy version but is bereft of any high-sounding beats. Again, a vocally intensive track with KK hitting high notes with his dreamy voice. The female vocal background is more prominent in this one and is intersped with the millennium music bit.

Priyanka Red Hair Mausam achanak yeh badla hai kyun is a melodious ditty that is filled with references to nature and in a romantic way. Shaan and Alka Yagnik croon this number with apparent ease. The romantic number gives way to a naughty and raunchy Hey Loverboy, will you be my toy! One can pinpoint that it is sung by Alisha Chinai right at the start itself. Of course, the recurring de de de de de dey chants make our task easy (referring to Alisha’s Made In India album). Mixed with electric beats and a sensuous tone, this one’s got a nightclub feel to it. Picturize this with a red-haired Priyanka Chopra and you’ve got a heady combo! Sach kehna is a solo number hummed by Kunal Ganjawala which has the whole I’m-trying-to-woo-you feel to it. IMO its the weakest song in the album, one which I’m sure to skip on later hearings. The best song of the lot is the upbeat and techno Milo na Milo which has some innovative mechanical sounds combined with heady drumbeats. The promos are all showing this track and that underlines its value as the best track of them all. Shaan does a swell job in this stageshow song.

Overall, a decent album with at least one very good songs and three good ones. If it weren’t for an overkill of the millennium music bit! Of course, the bit adds zing to the tracks but initially it was noticed in the teaser promos only and was thought of as restricted to that itself. In fact, we had the same debate on ITwoFS regarding its usage in the trailer vis-a-vis the songs. There’s also a track from Himesh Reshammiya but that isn’t released yet.

4 thoughts on “Now Listening: Love Story 2050 OST

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  2. Harmaan or Imran. It would be a friday waiting for.

  3. i just saw the trailer and i got to know that story line of the movie is just crap “as my point of view”

  4. Love story 2050 will be great hit. Music are excellent. Harman and Priyanka looks good couple.

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