Now Watching: Kshana Kshanam

Kshana Kshanam After a long time, am watching a good movie on the telly. Telugu movie Kshana Kshanam, starring the vivacious eternal beauty – and my favourite actress – Sridevi, Venkatesh and Paresh Rawal. Sridevi plays a simple, bubbly and motormouth Satya who unknowingly has an envelope containing the whereabouts of a Crore of rupees thrust upon her. In a panicky situation, she stabs a goon who’s after the cover and escapes…with the police hot on her heels. She runs into Chandu (Venkatesh), a smalltime thief who thinks the police are after him and flees into the forest alongwith Satya. They’re followed into there by Paresh Rawal and his gang who had orchestrated the bank robbery and whose henchman had betrayed them and hid the money someplace. What follows is an ultimate chase across the jungle, the city, the railway station and ultimately culminating atop a moving train!

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, who had earlier made the gritty dark blockbuster Shiva with Nagarjuna, this time chooses a racy road-trip-esque story with ample drama, twists and loads of humour. Much of the latter is provided by Paresh Rawal who does a great job with his telugu dialogue delivery. Poovemaina kanipisthonda (do I look like an idiot?) and aayana chaala manchi vaaru (he’s a very good person) make one’s sides ache with laughter. Venkatesh delivers a decent performance in a gritty role with a streak of goodness at the end. But for me, the star of the movie is undoubtedly Sridevi. Her expressions are priceless. Her histrionics are awesome. Her panicky demeanour is praiseworthy. Her cries of devuda…devuda…(Oh My god! Oh My God!) whenever she’s in trouble make you chuckle and feel for her at the same time! She does her own stunts (climbing across ledges, moving from one bogie to another on a running train) & even sings one of the songs! And if you thought hers was a plain-jane tomboyish role, look at the video of one of the songs after the jump and you’ll definitely change your mind.

She’s sensuous as ever….

Charming as ever…

Beautiful as ever…wub

P.S: I was in the 5th standard when I had come to Hyderabad for my vacations and one lazy Wednesday, was strolling about at Sultan Bazar. There was a buzz around because of a movie shooting happening there that day. Venkatesh was shooting some cop movie and a chase scene was being filmed. I tried hard to jostle ahead and watch from up-close but I could just catch a wee glimpse of Venkatesh. I returned home without much thought into it. And when Kshana Kshanam released later that same year, I came to know that it was this movie’s shooting that I had seen! So this turned out to be the first movie that I had seen live!

5 thoughts on “Now Watching: Kshana Kshanam

  1. thanks for refreshing the memories. awesome movie. probably one of the finest RGV movies i believe. Must have watched it a zillion times yet cant get over it.

    Background music, songs, cinematography, direction…everything is top notch.

    One of the first movies to tap Paresh Rawal’s funny side.

  2. Yeah. It would rank 2nd on Ramu’s Telugu Movies….right after Shiva. I haven’t seen’em but heard Antham and Gayam also are good ones.

    Paresh’s “Teliyadu Saar” sidekick and his accent were LOL!

  3. Hi YC. It is nice to read the review of such a lovely movie. Kshana kshanam is among the top of my most favourite movies list. Gayam is a fantastic movie. RGV’s Sarkar may have been inspired from Godfather but anyone who has watched Gayam would relate Sarkar to the former one. Antham was a good movie, not a hit though.

    P.S.: I suggest you watch Gayam.

  4. @Ramakrishna: I haven’t seen either Antham or Gayam. Drohi was rather lame I felt…hence the stay-away from those two…

    Will catch up sometime if they’re aired on TV. Wonder if their CD’s will be available 😐

    And yeah…Kshana Kshanam is one of my favorite telugu movies too….

  5. ohh !! excellent movie !!! venky rugged look in contrast to naive looks of sridevi is gr88 combo …. paresh rawal is funny in the movie …
    too many songs come as a hindrance though !!!

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