Milestone III

May 26th 2007 witnessed Milestone I.

December 24th 2007 witnessed Milestone II.

and I had completely overlooked the fact that on June 4th, the Wierd Wired World achieved its third major milestone of 300,000 Visitors.

Of course, the posts about Radio and Movie Reviews have been the neon lights that have attracted most of the fireflies but of late, the number of recurring visitors have been increasing. The blog saw few days wherein 900+ visits have been clocked but the thousand-hits-per-day mark is still somewhat away! I guess I have to package, sell & market the blog in a better way but I’ve always believed that content is the king and once I attain that another level of write-ups, the day of popularity is not far!

I thank all of you who’ve diligently kept coming back even though the wierdness has waned down considerably!

7 thoughts on “Milestone III

  1. Congrats. Looking forward to the 3 millionth hit 🙂

  2. Thanx Liju & Kunal.

  3. Congrats man mine has never crossed 100 clicks 😀 great work carry on u will get ur targets 😉

  4. Thanx Pab. U be as regular as me and your day in the sun will also come 🙂

  5. trying my best 😀

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