Phoonk – Theatrical Trailer


Just caught the trailer of the forthcoming Ram Gopal Varma movie – Phoonk. Seems Ramu is going back to his second-favourite genre (after the Underworld i.e.) – the Supernatural. He has directed spooky movies such as Raat, Deyyam (Telugu) & Bhoot and had a hand as a producer in Darna Mana/Zaroori Hai & Vaastu Shastra.

Come to think of it, Phoonk does bear some faint resemblances to Vaastu Shastra! I guess the common elements such as the tree in the courtyard, the maid, and the child artiste Ahsaas Channa make me feel that! Phoonk has as its backdrop, the age-old superstition of Black Magic or witchcraft as we know it. The trailer isn’t as spooky as its made out to be by some of the entertainment websites but it is in trademark Ramu ishtyle! Watch it at the official website or after the jump.

21 thoughts on “Phoonk – Theatrical Trailer

  1. @Abhishek: Her name is Ahsaas Channa (as mentioned in the post above!). She was also in JDC’s Vaastu Shaastra methinks.

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