My Yahoo! Mail’s displayed in Hindi….just like that!

Allovasudden my Yahoo! Mail interface has changed to Hindi!!! Till yesterday it was in plain ol’ English and looking all neat and tidy and now most of the labels and links have turned into Hindi. Even the pop-up messages are in Hindi!

Yahoo Mail Hindi

Yahoo had launched the Hindi language option some six months ago. While I fully agree with Yahoo’s globalisation policies and fully support its endeavour to reach out to the bulk of the Hindi populace, what riles me is that I wasn’t even asked whether I would prefer a Hindi interface to the English one! One would at least expect that the final choice of the display language be left in the hands of the user and not decided based on geography or location! For I presume that Yahoo! have detected me as an Indian user and have assumed that I would be wanting the interface in Hindi only! Bah!

Funnily enough, some of the words are phonetically in English even though they are spelt out in Hindi! For example, the popup above has the word ‘delete’ spelt out in Hindi! Other similar occurrences are those of draft, spam, trash, inbox etc. Thankfully, the senders’ names and the message subject itself are still in English. Excuse me as I now go about reading some of the Hindi labels and then change the default display language back to English.

5 thoughts on “My Yahoo! Mail’s displayed in Hindi….just like that!

  1. Wht if the same hindi msg wil go to a tamilian or mallu?

  2. how cute! what do I do now?

  3. Why would you do anything 😐

  4. I agree with CHITTARAMAN. jockey, you don’t need to do anything.

  5. yeah i faced d same problem….n really got irritated…but i have solved it…..—…go to ur account information …clik edit member information…den select preferred content as yahoo india!! n clik finished…accept d terms n cnditions..den go to mail…now all ur account info wud b in hindi…..near wat’s new, mobile mail n options u will find language as english..clik on it..n evrything will b alryt……….

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