Firefox 3 Download Day – Tuesday 17th June

Download Day 2008

17th June, 2008 – the day after tomorrow – is the official release date of Firefox 3 browser. The latest version of the popular open-source browser contains “more than 15,000 improvements” and is said to be “faster, safer and smarter than before”. The Mozilla corporation is publicizing the release date as “Download Day” where they will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record of most software downloads in 24 hours. Enthused people can go here and register a pledge saying that they will be downloading Firefox 3 on that day. As of now, there are more than 1,200,000 pledges with a little over 23,000 coming from India.

Even if half of the ‘pledged’ members download FF3 on that day, it still will be a record! Why? Coz the Guinness Book of Records doesn’t have a record for “most software downloads in 24 hours” or any similar record. Suffice to say, the record will be created come Monday.

Will I download it? Well, depends on how soon I get back from work and also on whether the Mozilla servers haven’t crashed by then :mrgreen:

8 thoughts on “Firefox 3 Download Day – Tuesday 17th June

  1. have downloaded the beta and tried. looks good. will wait for the final product. time to upgrade 😉

  2. I will try it first at the workplace…if anything goes kaput, the cleanup job ain’t mine :mrgreen:

  3. hahaha, The link to download is still not up, The time is 17:00 UTC i.e 10 am in LA, US, as the link is still not up yet, I will download it tomorrow.

  4. I guess they’re beefing up the server spaces or putting last touches.

    The Mirror sites all have “We’re not quite there yet” notices 😛

  5. sounds like a good challenge, but I already have it.

  6. @Joaquin: Good for you!

    I got one from a mirror site but that doesn’t count as a ‘record’ so will go back and download it again when the servers become kinda free.

  7. Hey have u tried “Google Chrome”???
    If not then visit
    I m downloading it now.

    Also tried IE8 Beta2. I tried IE8 Beta1 long back and it really sucks lik nething. So not yet tried Beta2. Will wait n c n thn download :-).

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