The Fox is here…Firefox 3 i.e.

After almost two hours of waiting, the Fox has arrived onto my notebook. The Download Day started for us in India at 22:30 Hrs but the site was down even before the said hour approached! I gave it half-an-hour time (maybe they were uploading the files, beefing up the cache etc etc) and was constantly monitoring the release tracking Wiki. I also was checking up most of the Mozilla mirrors…might be there was a new version all ready for me to grab…but alas! all the 3.0 folders had was a “We’re not quite ready yet” message.

Firefox 3.0

Finally, at about 00:35 HRS IST, this download page was accessible and I promptly clicked upon the Download link for the en-US/Win32 version. The 7.1 MB download took a little over a minute and when it was ready, I was in two minds as to whether should I uninstall the older version or overwrite it! I eventually chose the latter and boy! was the installation quick! The mandatory extension-compatibility check took a while (since I have many of them) and I was a tinge disappointed to see many favourite extensions not making the cut! Hopefully, the makers will scale upto 3.0 soon. Once installed, I quickly tweaked some settings and am good to go….and this is my first post from the latesht and fastesht and coolesht browser – Firefox 3.0…..FTW!

First Impressions:

  • Itz lightning fast…seriously, I never logged onto my Dashboard this fast!
  • The ‘New Tab” button to the left of the tab-bar is gone! Instead, there’s a ‘Undo Close Tab’ button!
  • Tabs are bigger than in 2.0. The Opera influence???
  • One-Click bookmarking and two-click categorizing and tagging of oft-visited sites.
  • Revamped Add-ons page – Search for new ones, Update existing ones, view installed plug-ins (plug-ins, not add-ons)…all in one page.
  • Uncluttered status-bar. Add-ons that are displayed on the status bar go unobtrusively to the rightmost corner. Progress bar too goes right-wards.
  • No AdBlock 😦
  • The memory leak has NOT been fixed!!! 3.0 still hogs up 70+ MB of my RAM!!! 👿

More as I continue using it further…

As of now, I should get back to the Italy Vs. France EURO 2008 game…Italy leading 1-0 with France down to 10 men 😀

11 thoughts on “The Fox is here…Firefox 3 i.e.

  1. Well I forgot to download it at 10:30, and when I went to the site it was mayhem. The servers were down, but then somehow I managed to get my hands on it. It does seem to work a little faster, as for the memory hog, I guess the huge number of addons that we are using could also be a reason. But anyways, can’t live without it. Firefox rocks and rules nevertheless. And yeah France are dumped out 😛

  2. I downloaded at 7:32AM IST 🙂 No network traffic issue. 😉

  3. But still there is one existing issue. I am not able to login to my ABN Amro card login. This problem was there in previous release also.
    Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😦
    This work fine in IE

  4. Anyway reported all bugs 🙂

  5. They said 1830 hrs (Singapore time), but when i tried at 22:00 hrs, the website had crashed. Waited another 30 mins and slept. Upgraded just now and its indeed blazing fast.

    Ya, the memory is a killer. Already using up 180MB of my system memory.

  6. But shouldnt complain about the memory hog, iam having 3 windows of firefox 3 open. Each having 15 tabs in them. hahaha.

    anyways, Firefox rox….. IE sucks 😉

  7. @Rohit: I had pruned out all the non-working addons but still its as resource hungry as ever! France were hopeless…they deserved to be out. Can’t say the same for Romania tho…

    @Mammu: That be ABN and Vodafone’s problem that they haven’t upgraded their pages to work with FF3!

    @Liju: I too had half-a-mind to give it up and checkout the next day! But it worked at the last shot 😛 and sure it rox….tho I’ll not yet get rid of my Installer…

  8. @Mammu: The Vodafone site uses Frames. Use the ‘view frame in new tab’ and u should see the login page just fine.

    You’re welcome 😎

  9. FF3 is definitely fast than the FF2. Adblock plus is working fine for me in FF3, check for the updated version. I am not sure about the memory hog problem with FF3 but feel it has been fixed as it is considerably faster than FF2.

  10. @Santosh: I used AdBlock (not the Plus). Will check or AdBlock Plus…..

    And yeah, FF3 is blazing fast but the memory leak is still happening…atleast on my Vista it is 😦

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