Returned from Udghagamandalam

The bygone weekend saw me head out to Udhagamandalam – or Ooty as it is called – along with few friends for a well-deserved holiday trip. Initially planned as a four-day long excursion, a multitude of situations forced us to cut it short by two days. It was fun nonetheless. I had been to Ooty once before…way back in 1991 and the quaint hill station has undergone a sea-change. Not only has it become too crowded, it has become too much commercialized!!! 

The trip was kickstarted from Bangalore and we also touched Mysore, Bandipur/Mudumalai Forest Reserve on the way in and Coonoor on the way out. Shall post the detailed travelogues sometime soon…

Pics will be posted over at My Purely Placid PhotoBlog.

One thought on “Returned from Udghagamandalam

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