Weekend Sports…gone abegging!

The weekend trip to Ooty meant that I missed out on all the sporting extravaganzas that took place during that time. Prior to the trip being finalized, I was quite eagerly looking forward to watching all the action in the Euro 2008 Quarter Finals. Italy were my pre-tournament favourites but they made it to the QFs by the skin of their teeth and no longer looked the team that had won the World Cup. The Netherlands and Spain were my choices to come up trumps in their respective matches and ideally, I would have expected Portugal and Croatia to join them in the SF’s. But imagine my surprise the day after on each matchday as I learnt from the news that Germany & Turkey had put it across their much-fancied rivals. What followed next was a knock-me-down-with-a-feather kinda shocker….the Neds were rolled over by the Russians! And though I had access to the television for the last of the QF’s between Italy & Spain, I chose to grab some much-needed sleep….which turned out to be for the best. The dour match would have nevertheless lulled me off to sleep! Spain prevailed in the penalties and thus we are now set for two cracker Semi Finals. Which I’ll be sure not to miss!

Also gone abegging was Kimi Raikkonen’s victory in the French Grand Prix over at Magny Cours. Bad luck seems to be striking Kimi whenever I miss watching a race! Having nailed the P1 slot in Qualifying, all was hunky dory for Raikkonen to wrap up a victory on Sunday…but alas, a broken exhaust meant that the win was snatched by teammate Felipe Massa with Kimi having just enough left to lumber on into second place. Hamilton had a pathetic race…and though that’s quite un-sportsman-like of me to say so, serves him right!!! Though reports suggested it was not quite an exciting race, I would have loved watching it nonetheless! Now I gotta wait till the next race at Silverstone in two weeks time to catch the highlights 👿

One thought on “Weekend Sports…gone abegging!

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