Main aur meri Subconscious….

Act I Scene I

Am fast asleep. Sub-conscious thoughts about the Euro 2008 Semi Final race by. I vaguely see Italy winning against the Russians…..overlapped by the visuals of Kimi Raikkonen emerging victorious at an F1 race. There also are faint snatches of me sitting in a plush theatre watching The Incredible Hulk and chatting with friends who’re all Eric Bana fans and are least interested in Ed Norton. Could hear a far-away hooting of a train siren….the annual vacation is approaching….cut to a confrontation at the workplace….something about me having to cancel my leave at the last possible moment and I slamming the door shut in someone’s face. As I rush out, I realize I’m all sweaty….I wipe my brow and realize its not sweat……its soapy lather….smelling like surf excel…….wtf!!!

Act I Scene II

An incessant blaring of saat samandar paar main tere peeche peeche….aagayi awakens me from my slumber. I realize its my cellphone ringing away. I answer it and it turns out to be a colleague who’s been trying to reach me for the past hour or so. I mumble something incoherent (can’t remember it!) and doze off again.

Act II Scene I

I’m jarred out of a deep slumber by something which I still don’t know. A quick glance at the clock tells me that its 2 AM in the morning!!! I had slept like a log for the past 5 hours!!! I wonder why and realize a li’l while later that it might be due to the neat (as in without water) gulping of quarter-a-bottle of Benadryl! Since morning the throat’s been acting cagey and was unable to swallow anything without considerable pain….throat infection…or maybe tonsillitis!!!

Act II Scene II

I switch on the TV and see the last seconds of the Germany Vs. Turkey Euro 2008 Semi Final. Germany have pulled off a last-gasp victory…much in the same fashion as the Turks had done against Croatia and the Czech. I remember that I had to do the laundry and get to it pronto. Back-breaking work it is, without a m/c!

A quick check on the web tells me that my tickets to home have been confirmed and so has been my leave! The annual vacation’s just round the corner. I smile to myself, recalling the might-have-beens.



What an intricate thing the human subconscious is? Its pretty vague at best but all the thoughts that were swirling around whilst I was drifting off to sleep are all events that have occurred/will occur soon! And I was thinking that everything was fine and I needn’t waste much thought on those events anymore! Seems I don’t see eye-to-eye with my brain :mrgreen:

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