Its Germany Vs. Spain in the Euro 2008 Final

  125px-Flag_of_Germany.svg  Vs.   125px-Flag_of_Spain.svg

Fiery Spain beat a lacklustre Russia 3-0 in the second Semi Final of the EURO 2008 to book their spot in the final against Germany. The first half ended goalless with Spain carving out many a chances but lacking the finesse to finish it off! Striker David Villa looked subdued and Fernando Torres couldn’t apply the finishing touches to the gilt-edged chances he received. Russia were overtly defensive and never could get their counter-attacking style going. Arshavin and Pavlyuchenko were reined in well by Sergio Ramos and Carlos Puyol and at halftime, the Russians could muster only two shots at goal against the Spaniards five!

Second half started feverishly as both teams were pepped up to finish things off….but it was Spain who landed the opener and with it, the entire momentum of the match. Xavi Hernandez trundled in a neat pass from Iniesta after 50 minutes and the Spaniards gained a ton of confidence after that. Substitute Guiza added a second at the 72nd minute and David Silva sealed the victory with a neat finish from a Cesc Fabregas cross from the left. The Russians were well and truly beaten.

The final is on Sunday between two European powerhouses, each eager to shine on the big stage. Spain have been underdogs for as long as I can remember and Germany haven’t really set the stage alight post their World Cup victory more than 20 years ago. Both teams will be taking an awful lot of confidence after their victories but I feel Spain have the edge, having earned a more decisive victory as compared to the Germans scrappy one.

La victoria de Espana!!!

Flag images courtesy Wikipedia

8 thoughts on “Its Germany Vs. Spain in the Euro 2008 Final

  1. Germany fought itself to the finals, Spain played itself to the finals.
    But it doesn’t matter how good or bad you were before, the last match decides which nation will be the winner.
    The last match is the one you will remember.

  2. My fav would be Germany. But then Spain with David Villa and Torres has a superb strike force. Let’s c.

  3. I wish that Spain emereges champions and that Torress will do what he did at Liverpool-magic!

  4. @woodman: Aptly said. And may that winner on the night be the Spanish!

    @Liju: Villa is out of the final with an injury. But even without him, i’d put my money on Spain to win it.

    @Loreta: I too wish the same 😀

  5. o0 yes , and germany will win !!! ;oP

    Deutschland über Alles !!

  6. Germany make the final of a major competition yet again and this occasion marks a record sixth time for the European Championships. Their likely tactics for the final are to hound the Spanish closing them down at every opportunity and playing with an aggressive mentality in the hope of unsettling the Spanish side and stopping them from playing their passing game. However, Spain go into the final full of confidence after making the final of a major competition for only the second time since 1964. This has all the makings of a classic final with Spain determined to silence all their critics over the years and Germany the perennial achievers out to unsettle the Spanish. Goals should be plentiful but I expect this match to go all the way so I predict a score draw at 90 minutes with the game forced into extra time. Could there be a winner in extra time or will it go to penalties? It’s almost too tight to say but I go for a Spain winner in extra time. Enjoy what should be a great match.

  7. Germany will win couse they are born to uin.

  8. So uh alban how does it fell to be so wrong
    germany suck spain are not underachievers anymore in fact we rule almost every sport now

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