Away on Vacation

Its almost like a ritual, isn’t it? Almost akin to the unfailing punctiliousness of the Halley’s Comet! I’m talking about my summertime vacation, which will be kickstarted from today. Year on year, I plan for only two sets of vacations – one in June, to coincide with yours truly’s budday and another in december for the ushering-in of the new year. And this year too, its the same. Though last year’s summertime vacation had to be postponed, this time round, I was taking no chances and had planned everything well beforehand.

But fate had something else in store for me! The flood situation in Northern Orissa meant that my train was running on a diverted route and wouldn’t touch my hometown! After some hectic parleying and harum-scarum, I did manage to get tickets on another train, albeit much slower and more of a yawn-inducer! But as I always say to myself, something’s better than nothing :mrgreen:

So its Adios till a week…a week in which I hope Spain will win the EURO 2008 & Kimi Raikkonen triumph in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Also hope to catch up with Hancock and The Incredible Hulk. Have gotta pen the Ooty Tour Diaries as promised to friends and catch up on several correspondence and also upload the pix that are languishing in my cam at home. Damn! Doesn’t sound at all like a chillax-vacation 😐

3 thoughts on “Away on Vacation

  1. Njaai ur vacation. Looking fwd to ur Ooty pix.

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