Moi Flickr Mosaic

Poonam, Alchemist Poonam to be exact, was the inspiration behind this one. Its a simple enough game wherein you answer 12 questions, lookup the answers on Flickr, choose the image from the first page of the results and put’em into a neat li’l mosaic with help of BigHugeLabs’ Flickr Mosaic maker. If you can recall, I’d written about the usefulness of this mosaic maker and other nifty tools hosted at BigHugeLabs sometime ago. This idea never occurred to me back then, though! Anyways, here’s my Flickr Mosaic (QnA’s follow the image)

Chittaranjan Flickr Mosaic

  • What is your first name?
    Though its Yerramalli, it had no pix! Hence Chittaranjan was a more apt choice. Its also the name of a locomotive manufacturing place in West Bengal, hence the geographical pic.
  • What is your favourite food? Right now?
    Pesarattu. Anytime. Anyday. Anyplace. If I get’em, I’ll eat a few of them in no time at all!
  • What high school did you go to?
    St. Vincent’s. The Image is of the St. Vincent’s Works at Bristol. My school is maybe a wee bit less grand than that.
  • What is your favourite colour?
    Green. People who’ve seen my abode will vouch for that. Walls, Cushions, Carpets…even the sanitaryware is Green :mrgreen:
  • Who is your celebrity crush?
    Preity Zinta. Forever.
  • Favourite drink?
    Pineapple Juice. Being a teetotaler and and also someone aversive to tea/coffee etc, I find juices the best drinks.
  • Dream vacation?
    Wayanad, Kerala. Have been planning to go there but it remains in the planning stage only!
  • Favourite dessert?
    Semiya Payasam (A Vermicelli sweet dish). Mom makes the delicious-est payasam.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Well, am no kid now…but when I was one, I aspired to become a *subdued sheepish grin* Pilot!
  • What do you love most in life?
    My solitude. Independence, Freedom, Money, Luxuries et al are dependant. Solitude is somewhat I can get on my own!
  • One Word to describe you.
    Cheerful. The tombstone pic conveys a deeper meaning that only people who know me well enough can fathom
  • Your flickr name.
    Its the same as my first name! And as answered above, it turns up no pix. Hence I chose to go with my moniker/sobriquet of YCR. My Initials. There’s a hell lot of graffiti with that name. I must be popular 😛

Now that I’ve drawn my Mosaic, its time to tag someone else and induce’em to do the same. I tag Akki (who’s a keen Flickr enthusiast), Santhosh & Rohit for this.

Flickr Image Credits: 1. Chittaranjan, West Bengal, India, 2. pesarattu 2, 3. St Vincent’s Works, Bristol, 4. Green apple, 5. Preity Zinta cheering, 6. Pineapple juice, 7. The road to Wayanad, 8. Semiya Payasam at Tandoor Indian Kitchen, 9. Sunset Pilot, 10. Solitude, 11. Nobscot 4.20.08 – Cheerful, 12. YCR

2 thoughts on “Moi Flickr Mosaic

  1. abba…tagging nakko re baba 😦

  2. Kaiko Nakko! Ab karo isse aur pust karo fatafat 👿

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