Now Listening: Bachna Ae Haseeno, Rock On & Ugly aur Pagli

With all of the movies in city being sold out, the pre-weekend and weekend was spent away listening to the new releases on the music market. I found Kismat Konnection and Singh is Kinng to be fairly average with only one or two tracks being good enough for a repeated listen. [Read Liju’s take on the latter here] The other latest albums I’ve been tuned into were Ugly aur Pagli, Bachna Ae Haseenon & Rock On (well, Ugly aur Pagli OST had come sometime ago but never heard it fully until now) . Here is my brief opinion on them:

Ugly aur Pagli (Music: Anu Malik | Lyrics: Amitabh Varma)
Ugly Aur PagliThe song that stays on with you long after listening is Talli ho gayi. The promos showcase it vehemently and it can’t be denied that its a catchy song. Hard Kaur’s rap and Anmol Malik’s tough voice stand out. Mika too joins in and his voice suits Ranvir Shorey to a T. Karle Gunaah is all Gasolina-like and the remix version even so more! The oh sounds at odd junctures sound irritating. Yeh Nazar is ok as long as Sunidhi stays on it but loses track as Shaan chimes in. Shut up,aaja nachle is plain noise at the beginning..Spanish noise that too, with Anu Malik the chief culprit. The song has faint similarities to Rahman’s Muqabla and Laxmikant Pyarelal’s Tere Pyaar mein from Jamai Raja. Of course, both are the wild wild west type songs! Yaad teri  is a melodius number from Mohit C (of Silk Route) but is too slow for repeat listen. Maybe on a morose and moody day. Can’t imagine Shorey sitting forlorn as this one plays in the background!

Overall: 2/5 | Best of the lot: Talli & Karle Gunaah

Bachna Ae Haseeno (Music: Vishal – Shekhar | Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan)
Bachna Ae HaseenonFusion. That’s the highlight of the best song in this album. Vishal Shekhar are past masters of fusion and they do a terrific job with mixing/fusing Kishore Kumar’s evergreen classic Bachna Ae Haseeno track from Hum Kisise Kum Nahin with rap by Vishal and vocals by Kishore’s son Sumit Kumar. Aahista Ahista is a slow but melodious number but with Lucky Ali sounding a bit subdued. Also the ooo oo ooo background chants sound irritating! My personal fav is Jogi Mahi with Shekhar and Sukhwinder at the helm. A quintessential punjabi folksy number, its a classic…esp the Jogi mahi heer ranjhna bit. Bipasha gets a look-in with a number titled Lucky Boy (not to be confused with Lover Boy from LS2050!) sung by Sunidhi. Dunno why she pronounces boy as boiee!!! Bengali hangover?? Khuda Jaane is a duclet duet by KK & Shilpa Rao which is strictly platonic…esp. with KK not at his best. A second version with heightened beats is better-sounding. Small town girl by Shankar Mahadevan is passable.

Overall: 3/5 | Best of the lot: Jogi Mahi, Bachna ae haseeno & Khuda Jaane Revisited

Rock On (Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy | Lyrics: Javed Akhtar)
Rock OnAm no Rock fan and don’t hope to become one soon. But SEL’s Rock On isn’t gonna make me think twice about that decision. It has Rocking music, yes. But pretty unfathomable lyrics! Jee karta TV tower pe chadhjaoon; Saanp daste hain; laundry ka ek bill etc are some of the mundane lyrics one will find in an Hindi movie song but I guess Rock has much to do with day-to-day stuff (correct me if I’m wrong). Farhan Akhthar takes off his director cap and dons a singer’s role instead and croons away five of the songs in here. Title track Rock On is reminiscent of DCH theme but is good nevertheless. Tum Ho Toh could have been a melodious remembrance-oriented song but nay! Its souped up with drumrolls and metal clangs and served up. Zehreelay is quintessential death metal-esque. Fast beats, trying-hard-to-sound-hoarse vocals and snake-y lyrics! Something for the Snakenet fans methinks! Pichle saat dinon mein appears in a solo and live versions and outlines the seven days of a rocker. Decent enough. Two Female tracks (whoa! female tracks in a rock album??) – Tumhari meri baatein by Dominique Cerejo and Phir Dekhiye by Caralisa Monteiro come as respite to the hamstrung ears and are good too, especially the latter with its guitar strums and the tinka tinka feel to it (err…I can’t say exactly but thats the feeling when one gets when there’s a sole lady singer crooning away while sitting on a stool with just soft lilting music in the background – a la tinka tinka in Karam). I can’t understand the sane-ness behind a track called Sindbad the Sailor! But its eerily similar to another track – Socha Hai. Guess they’re the same song’s two versions. Maybe if I’d been a rock-addict, I’d have appreciated this album more. I’ve tried though!

Overall: 1/5 | Best of the lot: Rock On and Phir Dekhiye

3 thoughts on “Now Listening: Bachna Ae Haseeno, Rock On & Ugly aur Pagli

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  2. Your review of Rock On!! reflects your poor knowledge of Rock music as a genre. Please hear the great Rock anthems and you will probably find ther lyrics mundane as well. Rock is not meant to be flowery like typical Hindi film Music. Can you imagine how they must laugh when they hear Sooraj hua madham… The Sun calmed down, the moon caught fire!!!!!!
    The first step to writing a review is to understand and be aware of the cultural differences in different kinds of music.
    As a person who makes the time to write his views about new music, pls comment on what you understand or then not at all.
    As far as Rock music and the album of Rock On!! is concerned, it is a refreshing change for an industry that has been churning out the same remixed stuff for the last five years at least!

  3. @Gaurav: I had explicitly mentioned that I have zilch knowledge of Rock. I agree that with my level of knowledge, i really shouldn’t comment about the songs of Rock On. But this is not meant to be a buying-influence on others. Just my honest opinion on what I’m listening to.

    I shall endeavor to try to know more about the varied music genres out there and limit un-knowledgeable opinions.

    I surely like the idea of “comment on what you understand or then not at all” 😛


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