Sultry Saturdays are Suited for Sherlock Holmes

Its a sultry Saturday – with a power-cut disrupting the early morning hours and the non-favourable reviews putting a full stop to any movie-watching plans. With all well-laid plans for Sunday ground to dust with the news that I gotta work on that day, Saturday was the only holiday this week! And what better way to spend the day than cosy-up in front of the notebook and watch the latest purchase – The BBC Sherlock Holmes Collection.

The BBC Sherlock Holmes Collection

Sherlock Holmes, the name needs no introduction (I hope!). He’s arguably the greatest fictional detective, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and appearing in four novels and fifty six short stories. I’ve voraciously read all but two of them (A Study in Scarlet and The Valley of Fear; though I’ve read the first half of the latter). And when the short stories aired on the telly, I’ve watched them all. So when I spotted the VCDs collection of the dramatized version of three of the four novels, I didn’t think twice to purchase it. The collection contains three of the novels – The Hound of the Baskervilles, A Study in Scarlet & The Sign of Four and two short stories – The Blue Carbuncle & The Boscombe Valley Mystery. They star Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Stock as Dr. Watson (Andre Morell plays Dr. Watson in The Hound of the Baskervilles). I’ll start off with the ones that I haven’t read….

Sherlock Holmes Collection CDs

Six VCD Pack of the Sherlock Holmes Collection

The Collection contains 6 VCD’s, with Baskervilles on two cd’s and the rest of them on a cd apiece. It is manufactured and distributed in India by SaReGaMa Home Video and is available at Planet M, MusicWorld & Odyssey. The MRP is INR 499/-

3 thoughts on “Sultry Saturdays are Suited for Sherlock Holmes

  1. I LOVE Sherlock Holmes. But I must say I definitely prefer him in the version of Jeremy Brett. Have you seen that? Best regards,

  2. Yep. I watched most of the episodes on TV. And I too prefer Jeremy Brett over Peter Cushing. Brett looked the part of Holmes…the high-nose, the eccentricity etc

  3. Definitely! He is my favourite actor and (I dare say) one of my favourite men… 🙂 btw, I’m doing a bio on him and have also done some SH- fanvids, maybe you’re interested? (youtube-link on my blog) Cheers, Susa

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