Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Bulk email forwards (those of the chain e-mail kinds) have traditionally been involving African cash schemes, devotional pictures, motivational stories, get-rich-quick schemes etc. But today I got one which had travelled across many IT companies and email id’s and which contained few links and synopsis of the upcoming flick – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and even contained a few YT links to the just-released teaser trailer!!! That’s a first for email forwards, methinks!

Anyways, here’s the so-called official teaser trailer of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

BTW, I haven’t read the books but have heard rumours as to who actually is the Half-Blood Prince. Is it true that its Snape?

More HP at IMDb | Official Site

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince Trailer

  1. I’d seriously suggest that you read the book before watching the movie… HP books are so voluminous that it is impossible to get everything in the movie, and while watching the movie you lose track…
    the release date is almost 4 months away, ample time to finish the whole series many times over 🙂

    and yeah it is true…

  2. The sheer volume is what keeps me away from them! Gimme the movies anytime 😛

    Tx for confirming the ‘rumors’ :mrgreen:

  3. Can’t wait for the Half-Blood prince movie! Yes you’ve heard it right! He is the Half-blood prince. Even I suggest you read the books. More than all the fantasy and the hype, it is the style of Rowling’s writings that amazes me. She can keep a reader spellbound for more than a 1000 pages!

  4. Sigh! So many recommendations for the books….so little time 😦

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