Rainy Weekend

After several months of dry-spells and the more recent scattered rainfall, the monsoon was in full flow over AP and Hyderabad in the past two days. The drizzle that started off at about 6 PM on Friday, 8th August grew steadily into a constant downpour and though it petered out a little sometime about 9 PM’ish, it started again late night and hasn’t stopped since. That’s more than 24 hours of near-constant rain!

And it is this steady drizzle that is more dangerous than a flash-spell of heavy rain. Constant rain doesn’t help the water to drain off easily, thus causing water-logging and hence traffic jams. I was out for lunch today with the FreeHyderabad members and we were witness to awful traffic jams as a result of water-logging. Not to mention the potholes that are growing on the roads faster than China’s medals tally at the Olympics! I got wet more from the vrooming-vehicles-splashing-pothole-water than by the overhead rains 👿

The State capital recorded 18 cm rainfall during the 24-hour period from 5.30 pm on Friday as against 24.1 cm on August 24, 2000, the highest in its recorded history.

There were several casualties as a result of wall-collapses and other incidents. Evidence that too much of rains aren’t advantageous to anyone. Even for the farmers, whose plantations were craving rains till a few days ago, it must be a precarious situation. With more rains forecasted in the coming 48 hours, its gonna be damp days in the offing!

[EDIT] An Idle glance into the past brought out two older Rains posts. One on Jun 22 2007 & another on Aug 4 2006. Yearly occurrence, it turns out to be :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Rainy Weekend

  1. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain 😉 Hoping for some solution to the power problem in the state/country.
    Call in sick at work and sleep at home. With some hot steaming cup of tea and pakoras. Yummy. 😀

  2. Its a finely balanced situation! Power problems might be reduced but the crops might be ruined 😐

    And yeah, Sunday was spent cozying up in bed…but with cookies, not Pakoras 😀

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