Happy Birthday Sridevi!

Evergreen beauty Sridevi, celebrates her 46th Birthday today. Surprising isn’t it, she doesn’t at all look like 45! On the other hand, four years her junior and the ex-pretender to her throne, Madhuri Dixit looked very old and jaded in her last movie Aaja Nachle! Maybe of the reason that Sridevi has been off the limelight for quite a while now and hence her image in audience’s minds is as from the past.


In any case, the diva will be ever-young in admirers’ and fans’ hearts alike. She is probably the only actress who was Numero Uno in the Southern language movies as well as Bollywood. Her performances in Hindi movies like Sadma, Chaalbaaz, Mr.India, Nagina, Lamhe and Telugu ones like Kshana Kshanam, Aakali Rajyam, Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari et al are memorable in every aspect. Happy Birthday Sridevi!!!

Sridevi’s Wikipedia Page

30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sridevi!

  1. love you sridevi ji

  2. i like you very much saridevi please come back please

  3. “Saridevi” 😐

  4. i am bigest fan for sridevi kapoor

  5. i love only sridevi kapoor in bollywood

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  7. Ah…a year has passed but she still looks as young as ever!

    Am desisting from making another post and hence passing on my wishes on this thread itself…..

    Happy Birthday Srideviji!

  8. thanks for giving us a good moment of movies yu have been my first favorite heroine thanks a lot

  9. bahaut bahaut mubarak janam din jeeyo hazar saal aur har saal Allah usko sau saal banega

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