European Grand Prix – Massa wins as Kimi’s Engine Blows

A Ferrari Engine blew up for the second race in succession but this time around, it was Kimi Raikkonen’s which let go in a plume of smoke at the 47th lap. Teammate Felipe Massa had the misfortune last time around but he put that behind him and put in a flawless performance and won the first-ever Grand Prix at Valencia’s street circuit. McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton didn’t have the pace to challenge the lead Ferrari and had to settle for second place. BMW’s Robert Kubica took the third place ahead of McLaren’s Heikki Kovalainen and Toyota’s Jarno Trulli. Toro Rosso’s Sebastian Vettel converted his excellent qualifying performance into a sixth place finish and was followed by Timo Glock and Nico Rosberg in 7th and 8th place respectively.

The race was expected to have a few Safety Car periods but there were none! An early on-track incident involved Nakajima running into the back of Fernando Alonso which took out the Spaniard at his home grand prix in the first lap itself! Adrian Sutil drove into the barriers as a result of brake problems and those were the only two on-track retirements. Kimi Raikkonen’s too was an on-track retirement but that was more as a result of the Engine letting go rather than a driver error. There were a couple of pit-lane incidents and both involved Ferrari! Felipe Massa almost ran into Adrian Sutil as both exited the pit-lane at the same time and that incident will be investigated after the race. The second was a more serious one and it involved Kimi Raikkonen. He and Heikki Kovalainen came into the pits at the same time and in his eagerness to beat the McLaren out of the pits, Kimi lifted off well before the light turned green and brought down the fuel-rig person. The car’s rear wheels hit the mechanic as he was coming down and he was taken into the medical center for medical check-up. This cost Kimi oodles of time and he lost two places after the stop. But of course, the engine failure dealt a bigger blow for the Finn as he picks up no points from the race and Massa overtakes him in the Drivers’ Championship.

As it stands, Lewis Hamilton still leads the Championship with 70 points with Massa in second place with 64 points. Kimi Raikkonen drops into third place with 57 points with Robert Kubica 2 points behind. Ferrari’s lead in the Constructors’ Championship dwindles to 8 points – 121 to McLaren’s 113. The next grand prix is at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium where Ferrari scored a 1-2 last year.

3 thoughts on “European Grand Prix – Massa wins as Kimi’s Engine Blows

  1. nice post, yeah ferrari seems to be continuing the trens of making some rather costly errors.. and what about the engine blowouts? so much for the engine freeze..

  2. Kimi’s engine blew due to a stray plastic cellophane bag on the track. if we have footage of the 2 corners before it broke, you will spot a white object flying out from a car in front and KR’s car sucked it in. i hope everyone knows about it cause it’s too odd when it spewed that cloud of white smoke.

  3. Ferrari’s once-legendary reliability is now gone! Maybe they’re over-doing the engine settings that extracts max power/torque but loses longevity.

    @Kino: Almost all the F1 cars have filters in front of the radiators that would prevent any stray stuff from entering the system. But yeah, Kubica’s steering suffered from a similar ‘debris’ problem so one can’t be absolutely sure!

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