Harry Potter Vs. Hari Puttar

Was about to post a random() post about the theme change when this Reuters news item caught my eye:

India’s “Hari Puttar” caught in Harry Potter spell: 

Hollywood’s Warner Bros., which owns the rights to the Harry Potter movies, is suing an Indian production company whose new film is called “Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors,” the studio said on Wednesday.

The studio had started proceedings against the makers of “Hari Puttar” over similarities to the international film and literary phenomenon, said Warner Bros. spokeswoman Deborah Lincoln.

[Full Article]

Now what can I say about this! The (apparent) similarity in the title with the famous boy wizard’s name is sure to raise a few eyebrows. But it is also true that Hari is a common-enough name in Hindi and Puttar is a Punjabi moniker for ‘son’. Say if a Punjabi couple’s son’s name is Harjeet Singh, wouldn’t his parents call him Hari Puttar?

But the conglomerate that is Warner Bros. might not understand it. Seen from their point of view, they’ve spent a huge amount in securing the copyrights and they have to safeguard it at all costs. Even if it means suing production companies who dare to title their ventures with names which are similar to populist ones.

As William Shakespeare once put it, What’s in a name?

BTW, the tagline of the movie is “A Comedy of Terrors”. Wonder if tomorrow any Shakespearean rights-holder would come forward and sue the makers for that!!!

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Vs. Hari Puttar

  1. If the case is being heard in an Indian court, it will be thrown out.

  2. What a load of crap! Last year the publishers of hairy potter sued pandal organisers in kolkata.and now this. useless buggers!

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