Aamir Khan’s Tata Sky Ad

Sometime in July came the announcement of Aamir Khan being signed on as the brand ambassador for Indian DTH Cable TV service provider Tata Sky. Many had viewed it as being in direct competition to rival Dish TV – whose brand ambassador was Shah Rukh Khan. Few gossip magazines had even labelled it as a new era in the Khan Wars! Anyways, the latest Tata Sky Ads featuring Aamir Khan have hit the screens few days ago and I must confess that from a consumer’s PoV, Aamir’s ad is far more wacky and saleable than Shah Rukh’s.

The Ad features Aamir enacting the two characters of a Punjabi bride and her hubby, squabbling for a cable connection choice. Bride Aamir insists on Sky whereas groom Aamir insists on Tata. They reach a consensus in the end. It is conceptualised by Rediffusion DY&R. Interestingly, Aamir doesn’t have a double-role in it but enacts a  two-faced character! Confused? See it for yourself after the jump.

Tata Sky Commercial feat. Aamir Khan (Courtesy Shiv on YouTube):

2 thoughts on “Aamir Khan’s Tata Sky Ad

  1. Superb ad. Watched it on youtube. Loved it. On CNN-IBN they had a small newsclip on the making of this ad. It was funny seeing Aamir put on a bra with padding inside and half of his face getting made up and lipstick and stuff.

  2. Yeah! I saw that one too on YT. The wig was the hardest part!

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