ScribeFire Test

So its been a while since the Blogging extension for Firefox – Performancing – has been re-christened as ScribeFire but I got the extension updated just a while ago!

So basically this post is just to test the Scribing functionality of ScribeFire! BTW, what sort of name is ScribeFire? Like how one can Scribe from Firefox??

Powered by ScribeFire.

3 thoughts on “ScribeFire Test

  1. I had tried using ScribeFire to post on my wordpress blog, but there was some or the other problem. Either the posts were saved as drafts or the changes not reflected. However, the extension worked fine with my blog on Blogger.

    Hope the updated version has fixed all the bugs.

  2. @Santhosh: I made this post via ScribeFire itself. Better check the settings – whether its set to post a draft or a live post.
    Feature-wise, I find Windows Live Writer a much better blogging tool.

  3. I will try ScribeFire once again. Even I am using Windows Live Writer and found it better than ScribeFire.

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