I Didn’t Know That!

  • Steel from the WTC remnants has been recycled to be used in disparate ways – from making cutlery in China, cans in Korea, airplane doors in Malaysia to use in construction in Punjab and making Refrigerators in Chennai!
  • One of the largest hand-painted structure is the Humber bridge in the UK. Applying one coat of special anti-corrosive rubber-based paint takes as long as 7 years! The railings alone take 3 years!
  • Old but still-strong Shipping Containers are being used as houses – residential & commercial!
  • Clothing material undergoes more than 1000 tests before they can be used in making readymade dresses!

I came to know about this, and some other very interesting tidbits when I chanced upon an interesting Television show on the National Geographic Channel – aptly titled I Didn’t Know That:

This brand new ten-part series exposes some little-known facts behind everyday items. Wacky industrial scientists Richard Ambrose and Johnny Philips’ insatiable quest for knowledge leads them to various hands-on tests like slicing open plasma TVs, making steel, and testing wallpaper paste by gluing themselves to a wall. From airbags to teabags, toothpaste to tea, each 30-minute episode is a mind-blowing cavalcade of crazy demonstrations and rarely-heard info about everyday stuff.[Link]

Makes me realize, how mundane life has become w.r.t the kind of stuff I watch on the Telly: movies, songs, sports, general entertainment stuff etc. When there are so much other programmes that are educational, inspiring and interesting at the same time. Channels such as Nat Geo, Discovery, Animal Planet, History etc have so much of interesting content but I (we?) rarely watch’em and thus miss some very good stuff.

I’ve now added these channels into my favouritesΒ  on my TV (replacing Star+, SetMax, Sony & Zee πŸ‘Ώ ) and hope to catch some great programmes on them. Do you see these channels often? Care to recommend few good programmes?

8 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know That!

  1. Discovery and NGC have some great short series every now and then. Watch out for {;anet Earth by David Attenborough, Megastructures, How Do They Do it and the likes. Recently there was one about India. Awesome it was, don’t rmr the name.

  2. Strangely firewall blocks me from commenting on some of your posts. I wanted to tell you taht this theme is goog. And happy Ganesh Chaturthi πŸ™‚

  3. @Lazybug: Megastructures is nice. Have seen one or two episodes. Another one I like is Extreme Engineering. I rmr ages ago I used to watch Medical Detectives without fail on Discovery after returning from school πŸ˜€

    @Poonam: Wow! My Blog’s deemed as Firewall-able 😎 itz nice to be bad!

    Yep, its a ‘goog’ theme. It was a regular one sometime ago & now its made a comeback.

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you too.

  4. >>> Steel from the WTC remnants has been recycled to be used in disparate ways – from making cutlery in China, cans in Korea, airplane doors in Malaysia to use in construction in Punjab and making Refrigerators in Chennai!

    Thats what they do; dump the remnants of the WTC tragedy into third world countries. They won’t dare to recycle the steel in the US or for that matter, any European country.

  5. There is one good program about weapons, martial arts. another great program is Mythbusters, how do they do that, i didnt know that

    with so many wonderful programs on discovery, natgeo, animal planet, history channel, bbc, cnn, cnbc, discovery travel and living, i wonder how people find the motivation and time to watch those saas bahu / reality / singing competitions.

    i believe such programs are an insult to my intelligence πŸ˜‰

  6. Discovery and NatGeo really are good channels, I remember watching some shows like Extreme Machines regularly, but thanks to the overbusy life schedule, can’t give them a watch. Even Mythbusters is a great show.

  7. @Arul: Thats mean, isn’t it! But they wouldn’t sell it if there were no buyers 😐

    @Liju: Yeah, I too caught few glimpses of the weapons prog. Future Weapons, methinks is the name. Guess there has to be a desi mythbusters prog that busts open the illogical soaps n reality shows πŸ˜€

    @Rohit: 😦 Time is the greatest hindrance. Have heard so much abt Mythbusters…haven’t seen it 😦


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