New WP Theme: Albeo

2008 has been a relatively dull year as far as new themes go. We’ve only had the one theme release (seriously!) this year – Prologue and that was wayy back in Jan! Theme #2 for this year is Albeo whose availability was announced later today. Must say that it one of the better-designed WP themes of late. The theme is from Design Disease and the outlay is not unlike another of their popular (but not free) theme – Fervens.

Regulars would’ve noticed that I’d been tinkering with the theme in here and after nearabout 12 trial n’ errors, had returned to Unsleepable. So this new theme’s announcement couldn’t have come at a better time for me. So I applied it pronto…..but to my chagrin noticed that there were several glitches innit:

  • Itz a static-widget theme! Not anymore! Whatever was wrong has been fixed now and we’ve a fully widgetized theme.
  • No ‘Edit Post’ link on the main page! This too has been fixed. we’ve now a ‘Edit this entry’ link at the bottom of each post.
  • In-post smileys go off-the-line! Like this: :mrgreen:
  • In the combo widget of Top Posts/Comments/Tags, Top Posts display the same post multiple times! [Screenshot]

Some other users have reported that they are unable to comment on ‘Pages’ and also that the avatars don’t show up on comments but I’ve not faced those problems on moi blog. Mebbe the WP folks are still tweaking the theme for better performance.

Anyways, it is a nice and welcome addition to the themes on and once these anomalies are ironed out, it should become a popular choice for bloggers. WTG WP!!!

10 thoughts on “New WP Theme: Albeo

  1. Hello great post we actually had two new themes this year
    the first one was mono tone, and this new theme
    I had the same issue with the same widget I sent in a screen cast of the issue haveyou contacted support about this issue?
    because the more people that reports this issue the faster they will look into it and hopefully fix it


  2. I posted almost the same 2 days ago

  3. The new theme really looks good.

  4. One of the better looking themes in WordPress.

  5. @Teck: Yep. I sent in a support msg. They responded that the ‘glitches’ would be fixed soon 🙂

    @gardenax,Rohit & Santhosh: Yeah, its a good theme. WP roxx!

  6. @Chittaranjan
    Thanks for the update Mines fixed now…
    BTW very nice site you have here…


  7. @Teck: Tx.

    Even the Image captions show up gray now. Goodie.

  8. Thanks for your keen eye! We’re working on getting the top posts widget bugs worked out.

    I’m not sure what smilies aren’t working, if you could give a little more explanation about that one, I’ll make sure they get fixed right away.

  9. Hiya Noel,

    Good to see that some of the glitches have been ironed out. In fact, the smileys one also has been fixed (some css ironing I think!). Previously, smileys would go a tad up from the text line i.e. they wouldn’t stay in-line with the text.

    Now they do 😛

    Almost :mrgreen: !

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