Hamilton Penalised; Belgian Grand Prix win handed to Massa

In an interesting development, the Belgian Grand Prix victory was handed over to Ferrari’s Felipe Massa as the stewards decided to penalise Lewis Hamilton for his overtaking manoeuvre on Kimi Raikkonen by handing him a 25 second add-on. This drops him to 3rd place and promotes Massa and Heidfeld to 1st and 2nd respectively.

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa has been declared the winner of Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix after McLaren’ Lewis Hamilton was handed a 25-second time penalty following the race. Hamilton drops to third place as a result, with BMW Sauber’s Nick Heidfeld moving up to second. Hamilton was penalised after stewards decided he had gained an advantage by cutting the final chicane in his late-race battle with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. McLaren plan to appeal the decision.

The revised result means that rather than extending his championship lead over Massa, Hamilton now sees it cut, with the Briton heading the Brazilian by just two points, 76 to 74, with five races remaining. [Source: Formula1.com]

This surely throws a spanner in Hamilton’s Championship hopes and increases Massa’s chances dramatically. Though if McLaren win their appeal (and I think they will), the advantage is back with Hamilton!

6 thoughts on “Hamilton Penalised; Belgian Grand Prix win handed to Massa

  1. now I feel good 🙂 Ferrari on top..

    this race was one of the better races of the season, I’d say it was the best…

  2. If you feel good because your team one by a poor FIA ruling, then I think thats pretty sad. Thoroughly undeserved and an utter farce.

  3. I also didn’t think Massa deserved the win!

    At least Kimi went out racing! Massa coasted along, playing it safe. But yeah, if he had been aggressive and attacked Lewis for the victory and then spun off, it would have been worse! So can’t really blame him. 😐

  4. Kimi or Hamilton would have deserved to win obviously. But F1 is not about who deserves to win, its about who wins it in the end. You have to be there to win. Just like Kovalainen in Hungary. F1 is a very tricky sport.
    FIA ruling was a perfect example of stupidity of the whole system though. Due to this incident, an amazing race will always be remembered for a very wrong reason. Its a shame. I am a Ferrari fan and still I think Massa shouldn’t have won, at least not like this!

  5. Yeah….the win sure seems hollow. Massa would take it any which way it comes 😛

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