GMail Redesigned – Firefox Extension

Circa 2004. Google Mail debuts as an invitation-only Beta.

Early 2007. Google Mail opens up for public registration.

Late 2007. Google Mail is upgraded.

During all this time, I and many others have been using the same interface of GMail. Of course, some bits and pieces were changed here and there (esp. on the sidebar). Then came along Userstyles which allows to change the display of web pages in Firefox by tweaking the CSS. Stylish is a FF extension that did all the nifty look-changing work. All one had to do is get hold of a visual style (which was nothing but a CSS file) and load it into stylish and voila! the look of GMail was changed. Thanks to Harsh, I was introduced to this userstyle (GMail Redesigned by Globex Designs) which by far was the coolest looking one I’ve come across! I’ve been using it ever since but with the advent of FF 3, some of the CSS began to break and the look and feel was lost somewhat!

GMail Redesigned V2.0

Enter GMail Redesigned v.0.1. This time its neatly packaged into a Firefox extension (.xpi) which is available via the Mozilla Addons page and once its downloaded and installed, it resides on your FF statusbar. Allow it to update the stylesheet once and you’re good to go. GMail will be a different experience altogether – visually, that is! And yeah, it also has a style for Google Calendar. Keep in mind that the layout is all black and gray…so if you’re the types who likes bright and rosy colours, this ain’t for you. See the screenshots here before you decide to use it.

5 thoughts on “GMail Redesigned – Firefox Extension

  1. I have checked this extension. I feel the Better Gmail extension gives you more choices than this.

  2. More choices in terms of?

    That extension works with the older gmail. yeah there’s a new one for the newer gmail but I haven’t tried it out.

    This extension is more about the look and feel rather than the enhancements. There are the ‘Labs’ feature in any case to try out 😛

  3. I guess Better Gmail 2 has this in addition to some other features

  4. Better Gmail 2 extension has skins innit?

  5. Yes u have that choice and in skin list u have the gmail redesigned v2

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