Now Listening: Drona and Kidnap

Drona Hindi Movie Bollywood hasn’t had a socio-fantasy-mythological film of late. The upcoming Abhishek Bachchan – Priyanka Chopra starrer Drona is an eagerly awaited one for that very reason. Its directed by Goldie Behl (Yep, he who gave us the seminally boring Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hae!). The music is by newcomer Dhruv Ghanekar with Lyrics by Vaibhav Modi. The title song Drona Dronaa appears in two versions – a male one voiced by Dhruv himself and a female one with vocals by Sunidhi Chauhan. Surprisingly, its the former which sounds better, esp. with Dhruv’s husky baritone. The drona dronaa hook at the end is quite catchy and I could find myself humming it now and then. Nanhe Nanhe is a lullaby song by Sadhna Sargam (where was she all these days?) which is understandably slow but with soulful lyrics. It might be a young Drona’s go-to-bed song in the movie. Oop oop cha (whatever that means 😐 ) is the dance number picturised on Priyanka which is racy but not catchy. Khushi is a Shaan solo which has a jazzy feel to it and is more of a dialogue-with-beats than a song. The best song of the album by far turns out to be Bandagi, a Roop Kumar Rathod and Sunidh Chauhan Duet which has mellifluous lyrics and melodious music. It interchanges between a slow mukhda and a chorus-supported antara. The remix version of Oop Oop Cha, with enhanced beats & supporting rap rounds off the album. With just two good songs, its a decent score for a debutante.
Pick of the lot: Bandagi & Drona.

Kidnap Hindi Movie Kidnap has been another ‘much-awaited’ movie and all the hype is surrounding Imran Khan’s negative role. Some friends have suggested it might be a remake of the Mel Gibson starrer Ransom. The music director of Kidnap is Pritam but the best song comes from the guest composer duo of Sandeep and Sanjeev. Mit Jaaye, sung by Sandeep himself comes through as the best song of the lot with its racy and painful rendition. The Remix version is also good, with added beats and echo-effects. Haan Ji by Adnan Sami is most probably a song picturised on Sanjay Dutt (just can’t see Adnan’s vocals suiting Imran!). The opening few beats are quite similar to Race’s title song! The lyrics are of an apologetic nature and counts through the days of the week whilst ruminating about the woes of marriage! Hey Ya is a quintessentially girly song, probably the bikini-song of Minissha Lamba πŸ˜› . English is used liberally in the lyrics with words such as say S for Sonia. The next song Mausam also has some English mixed in, the word Awesome being used to rhyme with Mausam (sic!). Sung by Shreya Ghosal, it comes across as a smooth number that steadily grows on you with multiple plays. Meri ada ik shola‘s starting instantly reminded me of Mehboob mere from Fiza (it matches esp. with the dhola dhol manjeera baaje re part) and seemingly is an item song or probably a seduction song by Minissha whilst trying to escape from the clutches of her kidnapper πŸ˜‰ The latter part of the song has Sukhwinder Singh pitching in, presumably portraying Imran’s belligerence. The Remix version of Hey Ya rounds off this album, which is a kinda letdown coming as it does from the same combination that gave us Dhoom and Dhoom 2.
Pick of the lot: Mit Jaye.

P.S: Incidentally, both movies are releasing on the same day – October 2nd.

P.P.S: I have never done that before but on Lazybug’s recommendation, am gonna listen to The Dark Knight’s OST.

5 thoughts on “Now Listening: Drona and Kidnap

  1. you buy these music cds ?

  2. 😳 er..umm…I ‘borrow’ them from a Friend.

  3. You could listen to them online and then buy the music or borrow it.

    I too like the Mit Jaaye song from Kidnap.

  4. @Santhosh: Yeah but even those streaming sites are pirated, right!

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