Italian Grand Prix – Saturday Qualifying – Rains in Monza; Vettel on Pole

Sebastian Vettel took pole position for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza after rains disrupted the entire Qualifying session. Whilst rain was the spoilsport for the drivers, Star Sports played truant for us viewers as there was no Live! telecast of the qualifying session πŸ‘Ώ [There’s a delayed telecast at 00:00 hrs]

The starting grid for Sunday’s race looks very strange with Sebastian Vettel on P1, McLaren’s Heikki Kovalainen on P2, Red Bull’s Mark Webber on P3 and Toro Rosso’s Sebastian Bourdais on P4. Of the two-and-a-half Championship contenders (Raikkonen’s got just half-a-chance, ain’t he!), Felipe Massa was in the best position at P6 with Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton in…hold-your breath…14th and 15th places!!! The race will be an exciting one with the frontrunners trying to pull away with the midfield giving a hard chase. Expect another all-or-nothing onslaught from Kimi and maybe a cautious yet ‘brave’ *snigger* drive from Lewis. And if it rains more tomorrow, it would make the race all the very more interesting!!!

Qualifying Reports: | Grand Prix | BBC Sport

7 thoughts on “Italian Grand Prix – Saturday Qualifying – Rains in Monza; Vettel on Pole

  1. Which feed do you get for Star Sports? My friend also said that there was delayed telecast, but I took a shot and there was live coverage on DishTV! ManU-Liverpool was on ESPN. I saw the whole thing Live!

  2. I’ve got Hathway but are there separate feeds for diff. providers? 😐

    Star Sports was showing soccer at that time! I saw the Quali just a while ago at midnight.

  3. Thats weird! There must be different feeds for sure. No other way to explain this!
    Did not achieve much from that though. Kimi was far behind. Massa was struggling and in addition to that ManU also lost. Bad day for both the reds!

  4. Even yesterday, Star Sports ads were showing F1 Quali telecast at 12:00 on Sunday!

    Mebbe u were getting the Singapore or some other asian feed!

  5. TV listings on ESS website also mentions the time as 00:00 hrs.

  6. I’ve Tata Sky and I saw the qualifying live… seems time to change your service provider πŸ˜€

  7. I don’t understand! How can there be different feeds for different service providers? That would mean at least 4 separate feeds (Tata Sky, Dish, Hathway, Big)

    Also, as I’d said earlier…ESS ads for the Quali were showing the telecast time as Sunday 12 AM as long ago as Thursday 😐

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