Amazing Race Asia – Season 3 has started!

Amazing Race Asia 3

Drat! I can’t believe I missed it! Season 3 of The Amazing Race Asia had kicked off last week itself and I missed the first episode! I had noticed the initial promos and the ads announcing a September telecast but I must’ve missed the ads where the actual dates of telecast were announced. Turns out it started on the 11th of September with the usual 10 teams of two members each. There are two teams each from India, Thailand and Malaysia and one each from Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea. And guess what….the first ones to be eliminated are the cousins team from India – Neena and Amit! Tough luck! Hope the other Indian team does better. Read about the teams here.

I first started watching The Amazing Race when the originalΒ series was in its 2nd season and have followed it since – although I did miss season 6 and 7 – and have also converted few of my friends into fans of the show enroute. When the Asian edition kicked off, I did manage to catch up with most of the episodes even though the schedule was not too favourable for me. Season 2 was one which I can claim to have watch fully and the grand finale was a memorable one (also because the blog post of mine about that was my most-visited post back then πŸ˜› ). There’s something about the show that keeps you riveted and makes you look forward to the next episode. The competition, the travelling, the locales, the trials and tribulations of teams in foreign countries, the moments of bonding and fighting between team members, all makes for excellent reality tv…a lot different and much more better than the other so-called reality shows on TV nowadays!

I’ll remember to catch up with the remaining twelve episodes of the Amazing Race Asia – Season 3. Make sure you do too…every Thursdays at 2200 HRS IST only on AXN (repeat telecast the following Friday at 1400 HRS, Sunday at 1900 HRS and Monday at 0700 HRS IST).

More: AXN India | Amazing Race Asia Website | Wikipedia Entry

6 thoughts on “Amazing Race Asia – Season 3 has started!

  1. always wanted to see the program, but somehow or the other i just miss it out. nyway, hardly watch TV these days. In fact am even considering cutting off my cable TV connection so that i can save some money every month πŸ˜‰

  2. @Liju: How much does it ‘set you back’ by? The days immediately after disconnection are hardest…phir aadat padjayegi πŸ˜›

    @Cam: I might.

  3. I pay almost SG$ 35 (Rs 1050) every month for 10 channels here. Each Indian channel costs an additional SG$ 8 (Rs 240). So i havent subscribed to any Indian channels. I need the cable only for BBC, CNN, CNBC, Discovery, NatGeo and Asian Food Channel. I dun watch anything else anyway.

  4. Ohmigosh! Thats daylight satellite robbery yaar πŸ˜›
    I pay 100 bucks for ~120 channels….but only 30-40 watchable ones 😐

    Good that you didn’t choose those Star Pluses and Zees and Sony’s.

  5. In Singapore, bus, train, cable tv, mobile phone, telephone, housing, newspaper… in fact everything critical is run by govt companies. And they raise prices whenever they want. No one can complain. Its a monopoly here.

    The attitude is take it or leave it. Its not like India where we are wooed by the companies to take up their services.

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