Hari Puttar Wins…

…in the Hari Puttar Vs. Harry Potter battle that I was talking about some days ago. The Delhi High Court has dismissed a plea by Harry Potter copyright owners Warner Bros. against Mirchi Movies, the makers of an upcoming Hindi movie titled Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors.

Dismissing the plea against the Hindi-language film, the court said Warner Bros., which owns the rights to Harry Potter movies, had made a “belated attempt to trip up” the film.

“Justice Reva Khetrapal said the class of viewers was such that they would not get confused with the title of the film,” Pratibha Singh, the defence counsel, told Reuters. “A Hindi-speaking, rural child would not have heard of Harry Potter, while the English-speaking, urban viewer would be so well versed with Harry Potter that there would be no reason for them to be confused,” Singh quoted the judge as saying. [Full Report]

Well, if you see the comments on my earlier post you’d notice that Liju had prophesied it spot on 😛 . But whilst it may be true that a “Hindi-speaking rural child” may not know who Harry Potter is, he is not the target audience of the Hari Puttar movie. It is the multiplex-going, popcorn-and-ice-cream-loving, pogo-and-cartoon-network-watching urban kid that the makers might wanna woo into persuading their parents to watch the flick whose name sounds like a desi version of the famous boy wizard!

That’s that then. Meanwhile, the fans of the boy wizard (including some grown up ones at the FreeHyderabad discussion boards) shall have to wait till 2009 for the next movie instalment. The studio have postponed the theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince from a November 2008 release to sometime in mid-2009 . Whilst I speculated it might have been done to avoid a clash with Quantum of Solace, other wiseheads are saying that the studio has already attained its financial targets for 2008 (owing to a certain Joker and a caped crusader) hence the postponement so as to ensure a rosy 2009 as well!!!

7 thoughts on “Hari Puttar Wins…

  1. Great news! I was rooting for Hari Puttar.

    JK Rowling can shove the rest of her Indian lawsuits up her million dollar butt. Not country is a lawsuit country like the UK, where she wins each time over frivolous issues. 😛

  2. Just like the Durga Puja pandal issue, this was another bull crap by Warner Bros. I would be much happy if the studio that made “Home Alone” would sue the makers of Hari Puttar once the movie is released. It looks like a frame to frame copy of Home Alone.

    Such court cases work well in the US where stupid people can sue McDonalds for serving them hot coffee and the stupid courts rule in favour of the stupid people.

    No wonder when you buy hot coffee in McDonalds, you see the marking on the covers mentioning “Caution:Hot”

  3. I was hoping to catch both QoS, and HP6 this November 😦 now will have to wait almost half a year for HP6!

  4. If HAri Puttar had rights for Harry Porter, on what grounds did Warner brothers file a case? Sorry, I am not well informed here.

  5. @Arul: I don’t think it was about money…but WB’s intellectual property…or so they claimed!

    @Liju: Yeah….such cases make more for headlines (for news channels like Aaj Tak et al) than for court rulings!

    @Kunal: Now u can catch QoS first 😛 Potter can wait!

    @Poonam: Waner Bros. hold the rights for Harry Potter and their claim was that the ‘Hari Puttar’ title was too similar and hence, misleading. Read my earlier post for details.

  6. JK Rowling needs money, even though she’s got millions.

    She’s planning to get into politics sometime soon.

  7. Harry Puttar, Indian version of Home Alone

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