Happy (10th) Budday to Google!

Our favourite search engine turns 10 today. To commemorate this milestone, Google have put up a new logo, designed in the font of the first-ever logo and also have kickstarted a pretty nifty initiative. Named Project 10100, its a call for ideas which can change the world by helping as many people as possible. After a shortlisting and voting process, the 5 best ideas will be chosen and Google will help bring these ideas into reality by providing funding to the tune of $10 Million. Read more about Project 10^100 here.

Google Turns 10

Apart from the announcement on the official Google blog, there also is a neat webpage outlining Google’s timeline, right from how Larry met Sergey to Google’s 1st employee to its 1st April Fool joke to the launch of several key products such as Picasa and GMail and Chrome to its 10th birthday announcement. Check out the randomly-displayed informative tidbits, interesting pictures and videos and lots of statistics over at Google’s Tenth Birthday page or if you want to explore the timeline right from the beginning, head to the start page.

Happy Birthday Google!



One thought on “Happy (10th) Budday to Google!

  1. Happy Budday Google!

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