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16 hours ago. 2 days ago. 5 days ago. 6 days ago. 1 week ago. 2 weeks ago. 30 days ago. 186 days ago.

Before you think I’m off my rocker, those are the days/weeks since bloggers on my blogroll have made their last posts! Blogroll on the Blogspot Blog and the ‘Blog Surfer’ on the WordPress Blog (this one). Busybees everybody? No nice topics to write about? Bloggers Block? Or have they been plain lazy? Or have I been plain blind? :mrgreen:

Well, I also haven’t been on fire lately but I never have been consistently either! And its not like there’s a paucity of stuff out there to regale oneself. Some dormant section of memory flared up recently and reminded me of the cartoonist Sudhir Dar. My dad used to have few of his cartoon books (Out of My mind and Out of My Mind, Again come to mind readily) and I used to pore over them regularly. In fact, I er…ahem…copied over three of his cartoons for my art class and promptly got an O grade (O, A+, A, B+, B… being the descending order of gradation) 😀 . I scoured the web for an online catalogue of his cartoons but could find only this page, with just 9 of his drawings. Next up, I plan to look up at Odyssey and Walden for the printed editions of his works.

In other news, I plan to buy a PC monitor sometime next week. LCD, 15 or 17 incher. Any recommendations?

4 thoughts on “Lonely BlogrollPlanet

  1. Go for 19″. LG is good. As is Samsung.

    We recently bought around 20 Samsung 920NW model 19″ LCDs (widescreen) for our company. Each cost SG$ 258 (approx INR 7750)

  2. Tx..will add that model to my ‘List’. As of now, I’m thinking of going for either a Viewsonic or LG. Both have 19″ models at ~7K. But am yet to get into the dealers/shops 😐 Over the weekend prolly!

  3. You can also try Dell. You can check the prices from CTC.

  4. Yeah….I plan to scour through CTC this weekend. Tho the big shops like TMC, Next, Digital Shoppy may have some diwali discounts etc

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