Chinese Grand Prix – Sunday Race – Hamilton wins, Massa 2nd

It was a copybook victory for Lewis Hamilton at the Chinese Grand Prix as he led from start to finish in a blemish-free and slightly drab race. Felipe Massa finished second and kept his title hopes alive, albeit very diminished & teammate Kimi Raikkonen finished 3rd. There were none of the starting shenanigans as in Fuji and the top three cars ran around in the same order until Raikkonen allowed Massa to pass for 2nd place with a few laps to go. The 2008 Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship will be decided at Interlagos in the last round of the season.

Chinese Grand Prix - Top Three

Chinese Grand Prix Podium - Hamilton, the winner, Massa 2nd and Kimi 3rd

I was dozing off for most of the race (courtesy a really early start of the day for me) but I guess it wasn’t as exciting as Fuji anyway! Alonso and Kovalainen’s starting moves and few midfield battles were all that were for us to cheer about. And for Kimi fans, the ungainly sight of him slowing down to allow Massa to pass for second place was disappointing. Kimi has only the last race left to claim the most fastest laps record. Go Kimi Go! The title challenge is however a relatively easy one for Hamilton as he holds a seven point advantage over Massa and just needs to finish 5th to be crowned the sport’s youngest champion. One must bear in mind that last year too, he had the same seven point advantage over Kimi and lost the title! So anything can happen…

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5 thoughts on “Chinese Grand Prix – Sunday Race – Hamilton wins, Massa 2nd

  1. Hamilton deserved the win 😦 but then I was waiting for Hamilton to spin at the gravel at the pit-stop entrance to make it a repeat of last year… Guess history is not repeating itself…

  2. It was a boring race for most part of it. Hamilton dominated the whole race. I just wish Massa still win the championship, I just hate Lewis Hamilton.

  3. I would like to add that Lewis Hamilton has had just two retirements in his entire Formula One career of 34 races, and its about time his car reminds him that sometimes the F1 cars too break down. And among the two retirements he has had, one was when he tailgated Kimi Raikkonen in the pitlane and the other retirement was when he got in the gravel trap and got stuck in bad weather. No mechanical failures in his entire career!!! C’mon man! Gimme a break! How lucky a guy can get? Heikki Kovalainen has had 3 retirements this season, 2 from car problems and 1 an accident. And in the last season, Fernando Alonso too had just one retirement, an accident. No car failures! Although Michael Schumacher never had a retirement in 2002 season, he never even finished outside the podium! But c’mon gods, please help Ferrari!

  4. @Rohit: Yeah, even Steve Slater/Tim Scott were emphasizing the same reliability during their commentary.

    Maybe the Sao Paolo weather is bad for his gearbox and it will affect him in this year’s race too :mrgreen:

    The cynics will no doubt hope for a crash (with Alonso, no less!) or a puncture.

    One thing to keep in mind is that Hamilton’s engine will be in its second race and if its the same “batch” as from Kovalainen’s Japan engine, it can spell trouble for him. The Ferrari’s on the other hand will have a brand new engine.

  5. So lets hope the engine gods are angry with Hamilton in Brazil!

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