13 thoughts on ““Official” Google Diwali Logo for 2008

  1. But this is not in google.com 😦

  2. yep. because google.com doesn’t celebrate Diwali 😛

  3. Not Bad?? I thought it was put up looking at the share market! Happy dark / dull Diwali!!

  4. I love the one you have created in 2007
    You should be Google’s local boy ( co.in ), I guess 🙂

  5. @Kuru: Naah…the Credit should go to Balachander, the actual creator of the ‘2007’ logo.

  6. .com celebrates something else

  7. Wierd! It isn’t there on the .com page anymore!

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  9. @Mammu: The last one is hilarious! I didn’t like the Election logo much….

  10. hahhha…thats a good one Ajay.

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