007 days to go…

Quantum of Solace Poster

It releasing here on the 7th of November and I sincerely hope that unlike last time around, the English version is released simultaneously as the Telugu version. Bond fans will remember that for Casino Royale, the Telugu version – Prapanchaaniki Okkadu – was released earlier and was allowed to run for two full weeks before the English version was released in the theatres! Some of my friends went ahead and watched it in Bengaluru!!!

Hope sanity will prevail this time around. Here’s a theatrical trailer to whet up your appetite for QoS:

6 thoughts on “007 days to go…

  1. Maybe the makers wanted for first milk the telugu audience before showing the movie to the english audience. Either way, i think the reasoning sucks.

    Btw, QoS is releasing in India one full week before the US. Now beat that. We are finally in the bigger plans of the hollywood studios. Also QoS is releasing with 700 prints, a first for a hollywood movie. Almost on par with a hindi movie.

    I wish they set the next Bond movie in India with the villains as Raj and Bal Thackeray and their ambitions to take over Mumbai that is the world’s financial capital. Heck of a movie then 😉

  2. Yeah even I was surprised when I saw the release dates, its releasing in India a week earlier than US! Although in UK it was released on Oct 31 itself. Bond is British so that’s quite understandable. Looking forward to the movie.

  3. @Liju: not the makers but the ‘plan’ was that of the AP distributors….as you said, they wanted to milk the telugu audiences first. Theye ven stopped PVR and Prasadz from screening the English version 👿

    And LOL on the Mumbai theme….

    @Rohit: Yep…the premiere was held in UK two weeks back for the press people methinks. There were few (negative) reviews in the Sunday Times and CinemaRetro.com 😐

  4. Does Bond stands somewhere when compared to Rajnikant
    Venda !!!

  5. James bond would anyday say “poda!” to Rajini :mrgreen:

  6. Can’t wait. It’s going to be a big one. Casino Royale impressed quite a few.

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